Welcome, Trespasser.

A King once said that the threads of perpetual madness are woven through the blood of an enemy. I am no King, but I have seen madness. It is often the first touch of insanity, the whispers in the dark that speak your name.

Have you heard its beckon? The voices offer an allure that will tempt you further into its realm, but be warned. Here there is no love, only lust, and temptation is eternal. No matter how you ward seduction it always ends with violence, and when the voices laugh and the dragon sings the blood on your hands will consume you blind.

All men seek the cure that ails them, and some will obtain their needs no matter the cost. It is a futile effort, because the quest for sanity is the embodiment of the journey.

Take my hand, Trespasser, and we shall traverse this madness together. I do not pretend to be a King...but I have heard my name. There is a journey and there will be an end.

There most certainly will be madness.

The RHYTHM of a JADED HEART is a new epic Fantasy/Science-Fiction novel by Shayne Easson, and it is coming soon.

Shayne Easson splits his time between Calgary, Alberta and Argenta, British Columbia. When not managing his electrical firm or writing speculative fiction, he is usually driving his children to the rink.